Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My view today...

Since leaving my full time job its been very tough for us financially.  There are many days when I have no idea how the bills will be paid.  I never had a lot of faith before. I can say that over these past few months my faith is growing in ways I never expected.  During the month of December some things happened and I had no idea how we were going to afford Christmas gifts.  I prayed and then went to the mail.  Not sure if it was that day, or a few days later.  At any rate, I found a check for $300 that we had not been expecting.  Christmas...Done.  When I first left my job i wasn't expecting to be paid for the month of vacation time I'd accumulated.  I picked up my final paycheck....vacation...paid for all 24 days.  I cashed out a profit sharing plan that I had while working.  Several months later, boom...received a notice of yet another profit sharing plan that could be cashed.  

Most recently, my husband and I were both offered positions at a small private school in our area.  We don't make a ton, but the money comes at a time during the month when we would otherwise be very short.  The job is 3 days a week, Sydney goes to pre-k there, and we are able to take Gabriella so childcare isn't an issue.  So my view today is this...a classroom in a tiny little school that symbolizes one of many blessings on our family. 

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