Thursday, March 14, 2013

Evening at the park

Since we are in the midst of one of Will's crazy week on week off work weeks, I decided I would take the girls to the park.  We have a pretty nice park near our house that is family friendly (as long as you go during daylight hours of course=)  We got there at about 5pm and stayed until 7pm.  Sydney had me laughing so hard several times.  She runs up to the first little girl she sees and introduces herself.  The girl "Ashley" and Syd became instant best friends.  They played and chased each other like crazy.  They had so much fun.  Then the little girl's mother calls her over and says it's time to go.  The girl was refusing to follow her mother's instructions.  Sydney, kept trying to get the girl to go to her mom.  She kept waving her along saying "come on, com on you need to obey your mom, she is calling you."  The girl refused.  Sydney finally gave up, went  to the girls mother and said, "She won't obey you."  That kid is hysterical.  I wish she would show that kind of discipline when it comes to obeying me!  The park trip came during Gabby's wind down time, that's why there

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