Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's a bright...bright....sunshiney day!

Today was a day that I really needed.  I'm not gonna lie.  The bad weather and the financial struggle have made for a gloomy outlook for this newly promoted SAHM.  The weather this year has been less than stellar and we have had no real snow up until this point!  BLAH.  Today though, Today changed my outlook.  It was sunny and nice.  Willy went fishing so i packed the kids up and took them for a walk.  We had a cheap lunch then found some REALLY cheap steals for Gabriella at the thrift store.  Sydney spent a dollar on some jelly beans at the candy store.  She wanted to sit and enjoy them in the sun.  For some time, we sat on a bench outside and she nibbled on her treat.  I started to get annoyed and then I realized, this is a moment to treasure.  Pretty soon she is going to be 15 and she may want nothing to do with me.  I'm going to soak this time up.

It's days like this that remind me how I am always taken care of.  We have never gone without or been forgotten about.  That, is something I'm eternally grateful for.  I know there are great things in store for our family and I have to remind myself sometimes how great they are going to be.

Here are my girls out and about today...
"Mom, don't take my picture."

They love each other. 

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